Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Strange tales

Hey, dig this: a micro-budget movie about strange people!
Check out The Incredibly Strange People Show

Here’s what the makers say about the flick:
“TISPS satisfies on another level as well. For me, the humor and visual style of this flick was so "incredibly strange" that the movie exists as a fine work of surrealism as well. Nothing in this movie is conventional. Everything is intentionally off kilter. Abstract visuals, bizarre plots points, and costuming that spontaneously swaps characters make TISPS a fascinating, artful, and memorable experience.”
Strangeness stands out. Which brings me back to Paul Theroux.

Theroux’s romance of strangeness is 'clumsy' because it defies clarity. In that way, the travel tales of Theroux are selective because he’s homing in on people and places weird and wonderful (including the odd and offensive). It's one man's point of view. Not that it is wrong. Anyway, who wants to hear about the drabby existence of the ordinary, calculated, regulated, regimented, P.C, and incredibly boring? It is a gift to be able to mine nuggets of existential unease from his encounters and write about them. Does the romance ever wear off, I wonder?

When you stare into the abyss long enough, the abyss stares back, says Nietzche.

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