Monday, August 16, 2004


Sunday was good. An invigorating worship and a reminder about the suffering church by visiting speaker Rev Johnson Chua. He quipped that it was his 4th anniversary speaking at Hope EFC's Missions Month. Service closed with a hymn that challenged our affections:
My Jesus I love Thee
I know Thou art mine
For Thee all the follies of sin I resign
My gracious Redeemer
My Saviour art Thou
If ever I loved Thee
My Jesus 'tis now
Not tomorrow. Not later. Here. Now. A couple of Sundays ago, another speaker called it, "in the meantime."As I see it, it's Carpe Diem with a divine impetus.

It was a pleasant surprise meeting Yoshua too. We talked briefly about blogs(!), 'The Passion of the Christ' (ask your friends: "wanna see a banned movie for free?"), but had to go take care of Sunday School. There just isn't time to linger and chat on Sundays.

In the afternoon, Kin Yan came by with Vysia and her sis Vynie. Hey, what's going on? And Vynie said she stays on the 17th floor which is 2 floors above us! Again, had to leave the guys to deliver a DVD player and projector to the Chinese church so Sook Ching kept the conversation going. Brief, but welcome interruptions.

It was really good meeting up with people I've come to know and appreciate working on PHASES. I dare say they have made a difference in my life and my family in ways I cannot fully describe. There are no accidents in life, and I believe it.

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