Thursday, August 19, 2004

Money matters

I should be sleeping but I can't. Messed up inside. The day before a client called to complain about a quote. "It's beyond my budget. How about using 2 voice talents to make 4 voices. If not I'll just pay you for the concept and I'll get Astro to record it for free."

It gets to me, that a client can be so caught up in saving money for his company he forgets the little guy, the one who's lost his business to Mr Big Corporation (like this audio house who's losing out to Astro), the backroom boys who toil for pittance while Big Corporation reaps millions... and still complains about costs!

Then there's your OWN partners who think nothing about squeezing suppliers too. Watch out for your own margins, brother. Don't you know the other guy is watching his own too? It's them, or us. Me, I just want to get my job done.

The constant comment that the job with the bigger margins takes priority over another who's giving peanuts is supposed to be good business sense. Prioritise, brother.

I think I'm just mad because I'm thinking about faith and money right now and I'm stymied by folks whose piety stops at economics. No, it doesn't mean I have everything figured out. I'm not just having an easy time figuring things out. Can a person really be christian and observe just, fair, and ethical business practices?

Business. It's who squeezes who. Blink, and you're out.

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