Monday, June 09, 2008

While you were not looking

The winding road that takes you up Fraser’s Hill passes by what used to be the famous resthouse at the Gap. Back when the last 8km stretch up was a one-way affair regulated by “7-up” – odd hour UP, and even hour DOWN – the colonial relic that was Gap Resthouse was a welcome sight after a stomach churning drive up the hill.

Not anymore. It’s deserted, boarded, showing its age, with a forlorn sign that says ‘Under Renovation.’ To this day, people talk about its scones and hot teas.

Further up, you reach the main turn into Fraser’s proper which leads to the Hill’s iconic clock tower. But the short distance up to the town centre is marred somewhat by dilapidated shacks on the jungle fringe on the right side of the road. These were fruit stalls or snack shops, weren’t they? Done in by widened roads and unregulated 2-way traffic system.

That’s as apt a metaphor as any for what happens when the times move on while you were busy looking the other way.