Friday, August 06, 2004

Driving with Dave Brubeck

I left home early today, at 5.10pm or so. Stopped to refuel and when I finally got on the Penchala Link it was 5.31pm. I love driving on this stretch. It’s clear everyday, and although they have a ridiculous speed limit here (60km) most cars pretend they don’t see the sign. The Dave Brubeck Quartet is playing and I realise how much I genuinely enjoy the CD. For some reason or other, I think of crunchy, crispy biscuits whenever I’m listening to it. Oh, I imagine dim lights, and a glass of red wine too.

This live performance at Carnegie Hall in 1963 is definitely one of the best live jazz albums you’ll ever hear. It swings from the first piece (St. Louis Blues) to the last note of the Quartet’s signature piece Take Five by bandmate Paul Desmond. Bossa Nova USA got me tapping my feet and Joe Morello shone in an 8-minute plus drum solo (on Castillian Drums). Electrifying. I bought this album over a year ago, and listening to it now, it made me wish I were there.

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