Sunday, March 09, 2008


WOW! Wow!The Rakyat have spoken!

Unbelievable! As at 4.36 a.m, the Opposition has won 80 to BN's 135 seats, with 7 more to go.

We’ve crossed the threshold. We have denied BN its two-third majority with a stunning and convincing show of people’s power. I must admit my little faith, for never did I think it was possible that BN could receive its comeuppance in such a dramatic fashion.

It was impossible to go to bed when the tally came in and the numbers added up – Penang! Selangor! Perak! Kedah! Kelantan! What a blow for the dacing. What a drubbing for the PM. Although he presided over BN’s worse electoral performance in decades, the truth hasn’t quite sunk in apparently. When asked by a reporter if BN’s losses was a vote of no confidence in his government, he glibly replied , "I don't see it that way." So how else do you see it, dear Prime Minister?

But of course this is just the beginning of a new chapter; the road ahead to a Malaysian Malaysia starts here, and then it may not. We have ways to go yet. BN still rules the roost, though this time we will hear less of its crowing I’m sure. Its chest beating will sound a little hollow this time round.

I like what Anwar said: “The people have voted decisively for a new era where the government must be truly inclusive and recognises that all Malaysians, regardless of race, culture or religion are a nation of one.”

Yes, we want no more of ketuanan melayu, the contempt of other non-Malay Malaysians, and the denial of their rightful place in the land of their birth. Is this too much to hope of the newly elected from DAP, PKR, and PAS? Can we look forward to a more democratic process, more equitable representation, respectful of all Malaysians?

We are tired of all this racial one-upmanship. Please stuff the kris. We are fed-up with religion shoved down our throats. We’ve had enough of cronies robbing tax-payers blind. And get on with the IPCMC already. My prayer is that we will not come this far to squander our gains for a united Malaysia, a stronger nation, and a hopeful future.

Don’t let us down, Barisan Rakyat. This one chance may not come again if you drop the ball.

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The Hedonese said...

Makkal Sakti!! Lets pray for peaceful transition and that barisan rakyat wont letthe people down. Hard to believe to wake up tis morning in an opposition state! :D