Tuesday, March 18, 2008

People Power to continue!

A friend sent this to me to help assure people who are jittery about changes brought about by the recent elections. I’ve edited it a little but the message remains: pro-change activists (that’s what they call themselves) want people power to continue.

Power of 10:
Speak to 10 people. Ask them whom they voted for. If Opposition, tell them it's a good choice, and to give the new leaders a chance to get to work. If they voted for BN, tell them why we need the Opposition in Parliament. At the very least, the results of the 12th GE are shaking BN to its akar rambut.

3 types of Parliamentary majority:
Lawyer and human rights activist, Malik Imtiaz says a strong opposition presence in parliament is necessary in view of the following majority needed to effect change.

Type 1 - To repeal laws. Only a simple majority of MPs present to vote is needed. As Malik pointed out, by disciplined attendance Opposition MPs could easily do away with undemocratic laws, given the poor attendance record of BN MPs.

Type 2 - To redraw constituencies. 50% of votes in favour (total of 222 MPs in the house) .

Type 3 - To amend the Constitution or make new laws. 75% of votes in favour.

Consultative Government:

Lawyer and political activist Haris Ibrahim, wants people to join “Representative Watch Committees (RWC)” to work closely with newly elected leaders to effect changes.
Look out for further announcements in his blog People's Parliament, or notices at BLOGHOUSE (No 66, Lrg Setiabistari 2, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur).

Stay Cool. Give the Pluralists (we are urged to stop calling them Opposition; haha, it was suggested we call BN the Racialists) a chance to settle down! This is just their second week in office!

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