Saturday, March 01, 2008

Yang Berkhidmat

Wee Choo Keong who was practically in a political wilderness, finds a lifeline with the Lingam video expose. Here he is now making a comeback and standing in Wangsa Maju as a PKR candidate. The crowd certainly came to hear Anwar Ibrahim - the superior orator - but Wee is saying all the right things nevertheless. Wee is, in his own words, a YB in waiting - not Yang Berhormat, but Yang Berkhidmat. The man has not been bashful with his private quarrels (DAP, in particular) and this part of his past is not lost on those of us who lived through the Mahathir era, through the tumultuous years of Operation Lalang, and the excesses of the early 90s. Back in 1995 Wee lost his Bukit Bintang seat to the MCA runner-up on a technicality. Following revelations in the Lingam video, Wee is filing for a judicial review - which if it should happen would be sweet vindication.

For the sake of Barisan Rakyat and in the greater service of our nation, I hope Wee will put his fall-out with DAP behind him.

Say NO to BN!

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