Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sith Premieres in KL!

Revenge of the Sith
Kuala Lumpur Premiere
17 May, 8.30PM MegaMall

Yay! Thanks Michelle for the invites!
Well, it's everything they said it was: corny dialogue, wooden acting, overblown plot, great eye candy, flat at the most critical moment, devoid of any dramatic tension... but it was cool. Best of the first three.

We had to be subject to a body search, surrender mobile phones, cameras, PDAs, etc. At least we all got a movie poster each.
(And yes, I don't mind seeing it again)

Postscript:Jim Ridley ponders what Lucas' unrestricted power has led to in his review:-
And that's the problem. The actors don't have the gravitas or the presence to fill in these cardboard characters--and when you have Padmé explaining away Anakin's turn to the Dark Side by saying, "He's been under a lot of stress lately," you need something more than Portman's mallrat simper or Christensen's pouty, petulant torment to put it across. Instead, Anakin's downfall has all the cosmic grandeur of a guy going postal because he was passed over for a promotion. Lucas gets exactly the performances he wants--ones that mesh perfectly with their digitized, mechanized surroundings. But is that any excuse to turn actors into human coat racks? Poor Samuel L. Jackson: As the Jedi Mace Windu, he gives roughly the same monotonous performance that Robert Bresson would've beaten out of him after 50 punishing takes.

Lucas has many eccentric gifts as a director, but tragic depth is simply beyond him: This is, after all, a series of movies that opened with the casual vaporizing of a planet. The shallowness of the characters is doubly frustrating in Revenge because they've been assigned grand passions they don't begin to possess.
(Read Jim Ridley's full review in the Minneapolis City Pages here)


Sivin Kit said...

I envy thee ... I think I'll have to wait for the crowds to subside before I catch the movie ... learning restraint now.

David BC Tan said...

It was a totally unexpected, er, 'bonus' and my kids and I gratefully enjoyed ourselves...learning gratitude now :-)