Thursday, May 05, 2005

Love, sacrifice, and Anakin

Star Wars fanboy, Roberto Rivera y Carlo, has some interesting insights on love, sacrifice, and free will. In comparing the dilemma faced by Spider-Man’s Peter Parker and Anakin, Roberto says both individuals are compelled to deal with issues of love and attachment.Where Peter Parker feared his love for Mary Jane would endanger her life, Anakin’s attachment to his mother and Padme – attachments a Jedi must forsake or risk suffering and sliding over to the Dark Side - led to his downfall.
As Lewis’ The Four Loves reminds us, most of what we consider most noble and worthwhile about being human ― our capacity for love and sacrifice, the idea that we are free to choose good and reject evil ― come from what Christianity taught us about what it means to be human.

It’s a story about a love so strong that it will not give up on anyone, no matter how far gone they may seem. It’s a story about a love so persistent that it will follow the beloved into Hell itself to rescue him (or her) from death and eternal damnation. This story doesn't belong to the universe Lucas conceived of, but it's why Star Wars ultimately makes sense to us.
It's a thoughtful piece and you can read it here.

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