Friday, May 06, 2005


10 minutes without oxygen left fireman Donald Herbert in a near persistent vegetative state for 10 years, not seeing or speaking. Three months after his physician Dr Jamel Ahmed gave Herbert drugs normally used to treat Parkinson's disease, Herbert miraculuosly woke up and asked for his wife Linda. Read the amazing story here. It seems Herbert wasn't the only brain damaged patient to show sudden improvements, so says the news report.

Makes you think about Terry Schiavo who according to her attorney David Gibbs "...jabbered. She complained when she was in pain. She fussed at the staff. She laughed when her mother came in, and she cried when her mother left. She teased. Her father, Bob Schindler, would come in with his mustache and beard, and she would—in her own way—play with him about how they tickled her."

But they pulled the plug and let her starve to death.

The late Francis Schaeffer was prophetic when he wrote in The Great Evangelical Disaster (1984):
"And if one thinks of human life as basically no different from animal life, why not treat people the same way? It would only be religious nostalgia to do otherwise. And so it first becomes easy to kill children in the womb, and then if one does not like the way they turn out, to kill the children after they are born. And then it goes on to the euthanasia of anyone who becomes a burden or inconvenience. After all, according to the secular world view, human life is not intrinsically different from animal life - so why should it be treated differently."

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