Friday, August 07, 2009

No to internet censorship

I have a few questions:

If it is true that the Government "has no desire to implement internet filtering" who gave orders for the tender exercise?

What then are we to make of the "four proposals" submitted to the National Security Council led by PM Najib? Have these companies been misled into wasting money and man-hours on a wild goose chase?

How are we to explain the different versions of the internet filter story? Rais said Yes. PM said Yes, but No.

Is the Government's intention really to filter porn? Or are they really after dissent? If it is really after both porn AND dissent, is the Government lying to the rakyat about its true intentions?

If filtering the internet "doesn't work" why is there a need for the matter to be decided by the Cabinet? Why does Rais say the Government " was still studying the filtering process"?

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