Thursday, August 06, 2009

5 good things about Pakatan Rakyat


I think it’s a good thing that component parties of Pakatan
are throwing stones at each other publicly.
At least we'll know which ideological issues
are more important than the Constitution
(which is already as good as toilet paper anyway).


I’m honestly glad that all this backstabbing is going on
in Pakatan circles. People get to see how Pakatan politicians
and their machais are so unlike UMNO
who merely wield kerises but never use them.


I’m thrilled that Pakatan parties are taking their time
to get down and dirty to fix their differences
or discipline renegades in their midst (or is it Anwar?) .
People may say they're slow,
but I prefer to think they're thorough.


I’m delighted that after giving Pakatan their votes,
groups of people are now threatening
to desert them for the party's ineptitude.
Trust me - when they have had enough
of Ketuanan Melayu they'll come running back.


I’m elated that a year and a half after Pakatan’s win,
Malaysians are beginning to realize
that turning a 52-year old ship around
doesn’t happen at the stroke of a pen.
It will probably take another 52 years.

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