Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rated 'fresh'

Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis has been rated fresh by 6 reviewers in Rotten Tomatoes. Although the movie had a limited screening and therefore did not have wider reviews, that’s still good news (for now). Reviewer Patrick Z. McGavin who gives it a B, says:

“Persepolis” turns occasionally sentimental and crude. The illustrations by Satrapi and Paronnaud take on a beguiling form and attraction. It never avoids complex issues of how the personal and political intersect. It is told from an emerging woman’s point of view though it never shelters the harshness of life and emotional complications that ensue. It is streaked in pain and sadness, of loss and pain. The world is vivid, detailed and alive, always looking at the past to shape the future.

The reviewer also says the film is “marked by a permanent sadness and sense of lost promise and hope.” Hmm. Pain. Sadness. Loss. In the wake of a religious revolution, too. It's a must-see then.


Foreign Stranger said...

Hello! My blog's been gathering dust, so I didn't notice your comment earlier. I am back, though I do have an internship as well, so not totally free, but it would be good to meet up sometime. Do you have my g-mail?

David BC Tan said...

No,foreign stranger isn't on my email address book :)