Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blogging Subashini

Susan Loone left a comment that on the contrary, the Subashini case DID create an impact on bloggers. And yes, they are generally saying the same things. Here’s another list – my last (unless there are posts offering an interesting angle on the issue). But they all add up don’t they?

Suaram Statement: Non-muslim in legal limbo again

DAP Lim Guan Eng: Non-malay BN component parties must act immediately

South Sea Republic: Syariah court should not be state sanctioned

KTemoc: On Muhammad Shafi Saravanan Abdullah, formerly T Saravanan

WAO: Uphold mother’s rights and access to justice

Straight Talk: A threat to the federal constitution

Sean-the-man.blogspot: Comment on mufti’s “don’t be prejudiced” call

BookofJohn: CFM statement

In other words: Mar 15, 22 posts

Mike’s station: Whose court is it?

sun2surf: Karpal Singh – Resolve civil-syariah overlap

Poetic Justice: Battling the divide- judges from both courts decide?

Last but not least: ARTICLE 11 and all that. View/download/distribute videos in English and Bahasa.


susanloone said...

hi david, thanks to your blog. my comment there somehow led malik imtiaz to me :-). apparently, my emails didnt reach him, anyway, we have connected and i will be meeting him soon!

David BC Tan said...

hi susan, i'm glad you all are making contact. will be looking forward to your piece.