Friday, March 30, 2007

Subashini gets injunction

R. Subashini has been granted an interim injunction restraining her Muslim-convert husband from pursuing his claims in the Islamic court. Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, one of her counsel, said the restraining order was pending the disposal of the application of leave from the Federal Court which was filed today. “This mean the husband can’t do anything in the Syariah Court until the Federal Court fixes a date for the hearing,” he explained. (Malaysiakini report)

Still a long way to go, but a step forward, hopefully.

PS: Screenshots Jeff Ooi blogs on a constitutional crisis in the making in a 31 March post. I personally wouldn't call it a crisis 'in the making' because I do believe we already have a crisis in hand.


An attempt by a Muslim woman to renounce her religion hits a brickwall because she did not submit “concrete evidence that she was no longer a Muslim.”

A 24-year-old Muslim woman yesterday failed in her application to renounce Islam on the grounds that she did not practise the religion and was never given religious education.

Syariah High Court judge Jasri @ Nasip Matjakir said the applicant did not submit any concrete evidence that she was no longer a Muslim in action, behaviour or deed that could expel her from Islam.

In her affidavit, read by counsel Hamid Ismail, the Sino-Kadazan said her non-Muslim lifestyle would cause society to look down on her and she would be subjected to the judgment of the syariah court.

Hamid said the basis of her application was under Article 11 of the Federal Constitution — that she had the right to choose her religion and must not be prevented from doing so by anyone.

(Full story in NST)

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