Friday, November 18, 2005

Sony gets flamed

Sony’s surreptitious scheme to copy-protect their CDs drew the wrath of bloggers around the world who took the moral highground and flamed the corporation.
“It seems crystal clear that but for the citizen journalists, Sony never would have done anything about this," says Fred von Lohmann, senior intellectual property attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a cyber liberties advocacy group that has been vocal in its condemnation of Sony and may eventually file a a lawsuit against Sony, in addition to three that have already been filed. "It's plain to me that it was Sony's intent to brush the story under the rug and forget about it."

Alan Scott, chief marketing office at business information service Factiva, said, "I think that we're in an entirely new world from a marketing perspective. The rules of the game have changed dramatically. The old way of doing things by ignoring issues, or with giving the canned PR spin response within the blogosphere, it just doesn't work."
Another feather in the cap for bloggers. Bloggers are indeed 'citizen journalists' and they have a vital role in contributing towards a more equitable world. It seems integrity, fairplay, justice, and honesty are still applicable in the new world then. Or does morality apply only to money-grubbing corporations, and does it only matter when we become victims?

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