Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Malaysia's population 26.1million

Malaysia's population has gone up by 100,00 to 26.1 million in the 2nd quarter of this year, so says the Statistics Department. 24.3 million were citizens, with 16.06 million bumiputras (13.1 Malay, 2.8 non-Malay), 6.1 million ethnic Chinese, 1.8 million ethnic Indians, and 312,000 other races. Is that a big number in a country measuring about 330,000 sq km?

For comparison, the 5 largest metropolitan areas (2000 figures) in the world are:
28m Tokyo, Japan
20.1m New York City, US
18.1m Mexico City, Mexico
18m Mumbai (Bombay), India
17.7m Sao Paolo, Brazil
For more trivia on population, hit this link.

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