Monday, June 27, 2005

Better happy than right

SLARTIBARTFAST: I'd much rather be happy than right any day.
ARTHUR DENT: Are you happy then?
SLARTIBARTFAST: No. That's where it all falls down, of course.

Finally, Douglas Adams' bestseller makes it to the big screen. In what Christianity Today calls Dr Who meets Monty Python, h2g2 the movie is funny in parts, and cynical in sum, perfectly mirroring our postmodern times.

I've never really finished reading the book (my copy dates back to '93) and I couldn't quite understand the fuss about it being a 'classic.' But I'll probably make another attempt now that I've caught the movie. Read Crabby Apple Mick Lee's interesting take on the movie here.

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The Hedonese said...

Reminds me of Cypher's decision in Matrix 1... choosing ignorant bliss than eating goo in the 'real world' :)

Will try to catch the show!