Friday, November 14, 2008

Old fears in new clothing

Recent events seem to suggest that the authorities are digging in and taking a harder stand. Now that DPM Najib is assured the premiership, we are hearing about the - gasp! - second coming of Dr M.

A South China Morning Post report that was carried by Malaysian Insider quotes opposition MP M. Kulasegaran, "We fear with Abdullah's departure and the return of hardliners like Dr Mahathir to prominence, political repression is back on a scale not seen in the last five years." The MP sees the recent spate of arrests as “the beginning."

Was March 8 a fluke?
Is there no way to break out of the Matrix?
Does the sun rise every morning?

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sweebin said...

Hi, David...first visit here!

Edward Ling apparently got the full attention of DAP top guns at their recent general assembly, when he stood up to give this analogy by way of his take on our political situation after March 8.

"Imagine you are at camp. Your first day there, you were told - nobody changes clothes. You wear what you have on for the next two weeks. So you obeyed. Two weeks finally passed. You were relieved when the commander said, "Today, you will change clothes."

Then he said, "Ali, you give yours to Muthu. Muthu, you give yours to Ah Chong. Ah Chong, you give yours to Ali."

Old practices in new wearers? There is consciousness of this danger. We pray integrity, honour and love for Malaysia and Malaysians will prevail.

An old varsity mate just reminded me of the slogan that defined our major - Pembangunan Untuk Rakyat!