Saturday, April 05, 2008

Turning DAP into MIC?

Again I am stumped by this new round of demands.

First, it was DAP’s Perak assemblyman Sivasubramaniam’s resignation flip-flop over the Perak leadership's apparent lack of respect for the “voice of Makkal Sakhti.”

Now it’s Indian DAP members in Penang demanding a “a high powered state-level council” or State Indian Development and Advisory Council to manage Indian affairs. According to a Malaysiakini report, many DAP Indians in Penang claim they have been forgotten after helping the party capture Penang.

“Since the DAP came to power, our existence, importance and sacrifices seemed ignored,” summed up a disgruntled Indian member, who has been a party man for over 20 years.

Is this for real?

Here we are trying to promote a new paradigm towards a non-racial polity, and these people want to turn DAP into MIC.

I am just lost for words.

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rosso said...

I suppose what the Indians really meant by Makkal Sakhti is in actual fact "Indian Sakhti".After 50 years of marginalisation they have turned racist like UMNO. Only solution for DAP is to persuade them to leave PR and help Samy Vellu to resurrect an Indian Nation in Malaysia.