Monday, November 12, 2007

Yellow Dawn

"We have broken the climate
of fear and intimidation
as well as overcome
our public apathy.
A new dawn has arrived."
Din Merican

"Credit to a monarch who has
demonstrated that
he has the well-being
of his people at heart."
Haris Ibrahim

"The king symbolises the fountain of justice in Malaysia and it is
completely within constitutional norms for Malaysians who are shut out
from all avenues of redress to seek justice to appeal to the king for intervention."
Lim Kit Siang

"This has been quite an unprecedented experience for people
who believe in New Media, and want to pierce through the blackout by the
mainstream media, which pretended as if nothing has happened. "
Jeff Ooi

“I think these pics speak well more than 4,000 words.”
Nathaniel Tan

"What a bad mistake it is for withholding information to the public.
A warning: they are no longer being kept in dark anymore as
the level of awareness has gone better than ever.
More people are getting aware of what is happening in Malaysia."

"The rain did not dampen the spirit of the people
who wanted a message sent to the Agong, and to the increasingly detached
and arrogant leaders of this nation."

"As a Malaysian, I believe the only thing that was broken today
was my camera lens. Kaput! But who cares. "
Sheih (After being hit by a chemical laced shower)

"The fact is, its not ended. It has only just begun.
Ensure that you take the next step to claim your right to vote.
No to corruption. No to illegal mansions.
No more cover ups. We want the truth."
Tony Yew

“Malaysians should be proud to say that they are
in the process of reclaiming the state
and demanding their country back.”
Farish Noor

"I have never seen such an unbreaking long moving crowd,
amazing as it seems that they all wear the same colour,
and moving in the same direction. The sight of it, was breathtaking!
It was classic "V for Vendetta" phenomenon!"

"Throughout the whole rally, Malaysians were well-behaved.
It is certainly strange that a Certain Somebody could say
rally will "never be peaceful".
From what I learnt, only police used water cannons and tear gas
on the peaceful BERSIH participants @ Rakyat."

"It was really cool. you look around and you see all these CIVILIANS!
your neighbours, people you pass on the streets daily,
the guy who sells you your morning newspaper,
the uncle from the kopitiam,
your bus driver, your former schoolmates…
all clapping each other on the back
and smiling and congratulating each other
for being there that day. sigh. so nice. i swear to you it was
the most patriotic situation i have ever been in
. "
Su Ann

"I’m a voter. I can walk with my fellow Malaysians
in a peace marchto convey our thoughts and misgivings
about the state of our country, to our ruler. "

"How about wearing yellow every Saturday?"
Ronnie Liu

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