Thursday, July 19, 2007



Malaysiakini newsflash: The Internal Security Ministry has directed all mainstream media not to publish any news on Malaysia being Islamic.

No news. No discussions. No reactions from MCA and MIC. No reactions from NGOs. No dissent. No response. No report.

Why? "Because discussion will cause tension."

However, it's ok for Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Najib Abdul Razak to be quoted that the country is an Islamic state.

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dave said...

So, the whole of Malaysia cannot comment on this wrong statement by the DPM. The reason being it will cause tension. What a thoughtful gesture. I am sure the whole of the people are very happy. No tension please, we have already enough tension. This goat makes a speech, our PM is not here but continuing his honeymoon in Australia, and at least if he is here, we would have heart "I am not sure" and the people knowing our beloved PM does not know then everything is ok and there is no tension. People then carry on with their lives.

One interesting thing though. Did not the goat realize that he is the source of the tension. We are carrying on with our lives but to make it more interesting he says Malaysia is an Islamic country, which is not. Which idiot is at fault now, is he willing to apologize and reduce the tensiion.