Tuesday, May 23, 2006

MyKad mystery

First, there were the glitches. Inexplicable errors affecting hundreds of people who found themselves listed with the wrong religion. Hundreds of Christians in churches across the country found themselves identified as Buddhists, Sikhs, or Muslims. My sis-in-law who lectures in a bible seminary had ‘Buddha’ on her MyKad for reasons no one understands. Others found themselves religionless. Human error? On a document as important as an ID? Makes you wonder. Especially when other faith communities have not reported as many problems with their own cards.

While the authorities fall over themselves explaining this as a simple slip-up sans malice, more reports surfaced – MyKad Ids without photos, faces without names (what a hoot - 13-year old Elliot is nameless too!), etc.

And now this.

This is almost too hard to believe: over 2 million Mykad IDs lost since 2001. According to this news report, they add up to a whopping RM75m. No kidding. And this is the card that the government insists is as good as a passport, if not a ‘sophisticated travel document.’

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