Thursday, March 16, 2006


Lead singer Raymond from the band Albert’s Phobia commented that it was not often that churches organize a rock concert. Well, we’re glad to have hosted one and did we have a rockin’ time. To many, “sex, drugs, rock, rock and roll” may be inseparable, an altogether decadent triad, but I do think we’ve got to redeem the music. We can, and we did.

In previous years we held what was called the 'Expressions Concert,' an annual evening featuring mainly classical performances on piano and violin. By the end of our third year, we had a veteran jazz band tagged on to the evening’s proceedings, to spice things up. We’re a little adventurous this year. And the concert is no longer polite tinkling of ivories. This year, it’s YouthRock featuring four bands: Pathfinders, Altruists, Lighthouse, and guests Albert’s Phobia.
The initiative was largely put together by our church band (Pathfinders, previously known as Transl8) to provide a platform for bands to jam and for kids to have good clean night out. We had both that evening. Four mostly new bands performed, with special guest performances by Albert’s Phobia, the resident band from YouthBelieve, a youth church near Setapak.

Okay, so they were all amateurs sounding a little like Green Day, Jem, Hillsongs, and U2 thrown together. But you’ve got to give it up to these guys who played their hearts out and even performed original numbers as well. The evening ended with a rousing jam session playing Hillsongs’ anthemic One Way, with the audience singing along. Cool. Here’s looking ahead to the next concert!

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