Monday, January 23, 2006

Legislation and Jurisdiction

Brand New Malaysian carries an opinion by chez1978 on legislating Islam. An excerpt:
"With no apologies to some muslims in the country, Malaysia is not an Islamic State where the Quran and Hadith reigns supreme. In this country, at this point in time, the supremacy of the Constitution is still intact. Laws are not created to grant every supposed "rights" one claims to have, or should have. Article 121 (1A) states that the civil courts do not have jurisdiction in what the syariah courts enjoy, not that they are equal systems. Syariah Courts is not merely an "unequal part of a dichotomy" as Mohamad Hashim Kamali (2000) has claimed, it is not even part of a dichotomy as it is limited to certain areas only as expressly permitted by legislation."
Interesting argument. Check it out.

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