Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Cheap buys & online summaries

I have been visiting and buying from for awhile now. Some time back I bought Mark Noll's Seasons of Grace from the online bookstore at an unbelievable US$0.99! (Okay, it's an old book, but isn't it a steal?) Mark Noll whose Scandal of the Evangelical Mind caused ripples when it was published in 1994 is still a provocative read. Seasons of Grace on the other hand, is a book of intimate poems with several inspired by and dedicated to friends and family. The online bookstore has a bargain section and if you're lucky, you can get good stuff at basement prices, like Mark Noll's.

And for those who aren't so sure about a book, or who can't afford time and/or money on new books, you might want to check out Christian Book Summaries.This is a neat service that offers FREE online summaries of recent titles. They're not condensed versions (like Reader's Digest) but proper summaries that actually run several pages. Great idea, smart marketing. I wonder however, if there could be a downside - instead of drawing readers to purchase a summarised book, it does just the opposite. Dallas Willard, Philip Yancey, and Gene Edward Veith Jr are among recent summaries.

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eWe said...

Unc Tan, how do you ship the book ah? Veli expensive leh.